Sprinkler Söndürme Sistemi


Projecting, design, consulting, application, supervision and contracted maintenance operations All components of the sprinkler systems made by experienced personnel of Evenos Fire Safety Systems are imported from America and Europe and all system elements have international reputation such as FM, UL, VdS, LPCB.

Sprinkler systems are divided into the following 4 groups according to technical compatibility and cost optimization of the field to be implemented;

  • Wet pipe sprinkler systems (wet pipe)
  • Dry pipe sprinkler systems
  • Deluge type – dominant type sprinkler systems

• Pre action – Pre-responsive sprinkler systems

In wet tubular sprinkler systems, water is pressurized in the installation and when the sprinkler head is active, the water which is the extinguishing agent is drained. In dry-pipe sprinkler systems, water is behind the dry alarm valve and the rest of the system is filled with compressed air. When the sprinkler in the right next to is activated, the compressed air in the plumbing is discharged first, then the dry alarm valve opened by discharge of the pressurized air, and the water extinguishing agent, travel through the plumbing and discharge to the ground. In the case of deluge systems, the signal from the detection system is expected and the water is discharged at this point. In the case of pre-action systems, both the sprinkler activation and the signal coming from the sensor are emptied into the extinguishing agent.

According to the results of the preliminary discovery in the consultancy of engineering staff of Evenos Fire Safety Systems, the feasibility and cost optimization of the plant to be installed is taken into consideration and TESIS is selected as the most suitable system.

Sprinkler Söndürme Sistemleri

Systems; Evenos Inc. is being designed by experienced engineering staff, and also by Evenos A.Ş. The field is assembled by the team, subject to international standards.

All system designs are based on NFPA13 and TS EN 12845 standards, while NFPA25 (NFPA Test and Maintenance, Inspection) standards are taken into account for the maintenance phase.

Accuracy in correct application and installation has vital importance for effective operation of automatic sprinkler systems. In order for the systems to operate in accordance with the standards and to be effective in extinguishing any possible fire, the sprinkler systems are installed in accordance with the “NFPA 13: Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems” standards.

The maintenance phases, which also have vital provisions for effective operation of the systems for many years, are also in line with the “NFPA 25: Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems” standards.