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The installation of all fire pumps used in water supply systems of fire safety systems is carried out by Evenos Fire Safety Systems personnel who are experienced and certified in accordance with the standards of “NFPA20 Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection” and TS EN 12845.

All hydraulic calculation programs that we use in fire pump selection are FM approved, UL listed or VdS certified and all design and project management are done with engineer cadmium which is trained and certified by the importer company.

The fire pumps we provide are FM approved and UL listed pumps and according to customer requirements and specifications, VdS approved pumps are also provided and assembled if necessary.

Some of the fire pump types we built were;

  • Vertical line type fire pumps
  • Horizontal split body fire pumps
  • Sorbent suction fire pumps
  • Vertical turbine type fire pumpsThe fire pump groups, which are vital for fire safety systems, consist of 2 main and 1 jockey pump. If required, main pumps can be electrified or diesel type. If there are more than one pump, at least 50% of the capacity is backed up.
Yangın Pompaları

The supplied pump capacities are determined by hydraulic calculations and projects made by Evenos engineers. Evenos Fire Safety Systems, which can supply pump capacities between 100 GPM and 5000 GPM in line with needs, can periodically carry out pump group maintenance operations with its own field staff.

Water Mist – Water System Extinguishing Systems pumps, which are produced by our company in addition to the traditional water spraying systems fire pump groups, can also be supplied and installed by our company in the direction of standards and manufacturer managements. Pumps related to such systems are able to supply low-pressure at high pressures and achieve maximum efficiency for fire-extinguishing by making the water bulky. The maintenance of such pumps is also Evenos A.Ş. is carried out periodically.

Evenos Inc. fire pump groups, importation, installation, supervision and maintenance services are done in a single and reliable way.