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Wet Sprinkler extinguishing systems are the most used and preferred systems for fire extinguishing during a possible fire. As long as site characteristics and applicability principles are available, such wet quenching systems are among the most effective systems in preventing and extinguishing the spread of fire.

Evenos Fire Safety Systems, with its hydraulic computer programs imported from USA and Germany, designs and designs all water system extinguishing systems within the engineering department and offers optimal solutions to its customers in terms of applicability and cost effectiveness.

Evenos Inc. provided by the application and made; Wet sprinkler systems, which are the most widespread use outside B class, D class and E class fires, are all first class materials and all have international approvals such as FM approval, UL list, VdS approval, LPCB approval. Evenos Inc. Hydraulic Calculation Programs in its possession also have FM approval, UL list and VdS approvals.

From the elements of the water quenching system

  • Fire Pump Group
  • Fire Water Depot
  • Fire Cabinets
  • Fire Brigade
  • Sprinkler System
  • Fire Brigade
  • Hydrant System
  • Preaction extinguishing system
  • Water Mist – Water System Extinguishing Systems
Sulu Söndürme Sistemleri

systems such as Evenos A.Ş. is being designed by experienced engineering staff, and also by Evenos A.Ş. The field is assembled by the team, subject to international standards.

Depending on ambient conditions and application conditions, systems can be selected for wet boring, dry pipe type and pre action type. Considering all applicability and cost conditions, Evenos A.Ş. engineers choose the most appropriate system for their customers and make project designs accordingly.

After system installations, maintenance operations are essential so that the effectiveness of the systems can be maximized and the possibility of intervening in future fires is constantly present. Experienced Sartona A.Ş. Periodic inspections made by the staff in accordance with the standards guarantee the effectiveness of the customers’ water extinguishing systems and the customers are informed about this.

All system designs are based on NFPA13 and TS EN 12845 standards, while NFPA25 (NFPA Test and Maintenance, Inspection) standards are taken into account for the maintenance phase.