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Evenos Fire Extinguishing Systems

Fire fighting systems are the systems that prevent the fire from being activated in case of fire. Thanks to the fire extinguishing system, the loss of life and property in the event of fire is prevented. Fire fighting system and techniques used in extinguishing vary according to the type of the substance and the properties of the fire.

Fire extinguishing systems should always be pre-planned and commissioned to avoid the risk of devastating fire. The same type of fire extinguisher may not be used for each type of fire and fire area. Therefore, fire extinguishing system selection should be made according to the type of fire and the fire load of the region.

Fire fighting system types are divided into 5% as Water Extinguishing Systems, Foam Fire Extinguishing Systems, Clean Gas Extinguishing Systems, CO2 Gas Fire Extinguishing Systems and Kitchen Hood Extinguishing Systems.

What Are The Features Of Fire Extinguishing Systems?

Water Extinguishing Systems: As long as the water extinguishing space features and applicability principles allow, it is one of the most effective systems in preventing and extinguishing the fire. It is the system that performs the fastest response during fire.

Foam Fire Extinguishing Systems: Foam extinguishing systems are the most effective extinguishing systems for extinguishing flammable and flammable spaces. The foam extinguishing system using special foams as the extinguishing agent stands out as the only alternative for some installations.

Clean Gas Extinguishing Systems: These are the extinguishing systems that are preferred in environments where water extinguishing will give negative results in terms of health or water extinguishing may damage the equipment inside. Clean gas fire extinguishing systems which extinguish the fire with the extinguishing agent do not have any negative effects on health even if there are people in the room.

CO2 Gas Extinguishing Systems: CO2 gas extinguishing systems, which are less expensive than clean gas extinguishing systems, cannot be used in human places. CO2 gas extinguishing systems, which are generally designed with cylinders under 60 bar pressure, are activated by the signal coming from the detection systems and thus perform the extinguishing process. Carbon dioxide gas extinguishing systems are the most effective extinguishing media.

Kitchen Hood Extinguishing Systems: Kitchen hood extinguishing systems are generally used to prevent possible fire in industrial kitchens. In large-scale kitchens in industrial and large buildings, the fire hazard is greater than in other spaces. For this reason, hood extinguishing systems are used for prevention purposes.

In addition to fire suppression system, there are also fire protection systems and fire safety systems installed for fire protection. These systems prevent the occurrence of fire and prevent the damages caused by the fire.

What Are The Features Of Fire Safety Systems And Fire Protection Systems?

Fire safety systems; It is a security system that must be located in houses, workplaces and buildings. This system, which recognizes the fire, can save lives with warnings. It can also extinguish the fire in a short period of time due to its properties. The most widely used of these systems, also known as fire detection systems, are fire alarm systems. Alarm systems between fire safety systems and fire protection systems are divided into two as conventional fire alarm system and addressable fire alarm system. Conventional fire alarm system is used frequently in the past, and today it is used in a small proportion of small buildings. Addressable fire alarm system is a fire alarm system which is developed with developing technology and used in big buildings.