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In industrial premises and buildings with large atrium areas, possible fires can lead to material damage, as well as to loss of life, resulting in smoke. Therefore, it was controlled by smoke curtains, and the smoke that prevented the expansion area was thrown out of the structure. These smoke-throwing problems on the buildings are solved by smoke exhaust hoods, also called roof ventilation hoods.

Evenos Fire Security Systems Inc. After that, it is designed and designed according to customer needs, and then our company is made by competent staff.

The smoke evacuation covers system consists of smoke evacuation covers, smoke evacuation covers, casements, sensing system, manual buttons and compressed air installations. At the moment of fire the activation of the smoke evacuation covers can be in 3 forms. With manual pushbuttons (mechanically with pneumatic cylinders filled with electrical carbon dioxide), with signals from sensing systems or with heat-sensitive activation elements located in the smoke evacuation flaps. Therefore, in the event of a fire, all the doors of the relevant warehouse are opened and the accumulated and pooled fumes are discharged outside the building.

Smoke extraction flaps – roof ventilation system design, Evenos A.Ş. finished and designed by engineers to BS EN 12101 and DIN 18232 norms. The company directives are also taken into account when designing.

Especially the association of overgrown fires. Non-exhaustible smoke spreads the burning phenomenon and raises the temperature inside, as well as enhances the firefighting interventions. It should not be forgotten that firefighting intervention, in the absence of the smoke evacuation system, is the earliest time to gain and to strengthen it and to increase the loss of goods.

In addition to the advantages associated with fire safety, transparent polycarbonate material also provides maximum efficiency in daylight and low energy costs.

Duman Tahliye Sistemleri

Evenos Inc. smoke evacuation covers projected by competent engineers – maintenance of roof ventilation systems is also carried out by Evenos Fire Security Systems Inc. competent field personnel are made and recorded. Tests related to the systems are also carried out periodically and customer satisfaction is maximized.