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Smoke poisoning is the leading cause of life damages. It is therefore a necessity to ensure smoke trapping, trapping smoke in an area and establishing a smoke pond. Smoke screens are one of the most used passive fire prevention systems to prevent smoke from collecting in one area and escape to other zones.

Smoke screens, which are common in industrial facilities and shopping malls atmospheres, serve to determine smoke zones in size and size specified by standards.

Smoke curtains with an engine and fiber fabric inside the headbox are normally braked with 24VDC and stand in the headbox. The signal from the detection system or the manual pushbutton cuts off the energy on the motors and allows the smoke spot to descend and create smoke zoning.

Smoke curtains imported from Sartona by England and Spain are tested in BS, EN and UL conditions according to international standards and give a resistance time of up to 2 hours at 1000 degree celsius temperature. Due to the fact that it is a very useful and light structure thanks to the fiberglass fabric, it is also architecturally the reason why these systems are preferred.

Especially in industrial installations, they have vital importance in the design of smoke evacuation roof ventilation doors. Roof ventilation, ie the smoke evacuation flaps, will be ineffective without smoke magnetism and will not be able to evacuate the ambient smoke. When smoke evacuation projects are carried out in industrial facilities, it is requested to create smoke zones of maximum 1600 square meters. In the event of a fire, the smoke curtains, which will be activated in the required zones, will trap the smoke in the relevant area and, thanks to the trapped smoke and heat, only the smoke discharge flaps in the relevant areas will be opened and the smoke will be discharged.

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In areas such as airports, shopping malls, atriums, industrial facilities, etc., usage is very widespread, and there are also places such as office buildings, health and education facilities. They are used in places like large galleries where smoke zones are desired to be created.

After the commissioning, all the periodical test and maintenance operations are carried out by the authorized personnel of Sartona Fire Safety Systems. Immediate intervention is also possible in cases where possible service is required.