Yangın Perdeleri


In the event of a fire, the most important factors to prevent the spread of fire are the creation of fire zones. The creation of fire zones will prevent the fire from growing and ensure that the fire is trapped in the area. The trapped fire will disappear from lack of oxygen even if there are no extinguishing systems, so that it will prevent major disasters. Therefore, fire zoning has vital importance in terms of prevention of fire spread and fire extinguishing in large structures and buildings.

Fire curtains in the architectural fire zone; is a passive fire security element which is mostly used with its structure and design which also considers aesthetic concerns. They are the most used elements to distinguish different risk classes.

Evenos Inc. with imported fire curtains imported from England and Spain, it can provide fire resistance up to 240 minutes and ensure that the fires are trapped in the area.

Fire curtains; a control panel, a headbox, 24VDC motor, fire resistant fabric and a bottom bar. Normally the motor in the headbox is waiting for the 24 VDC brake. The signal coming from the fire detection system will cut off the energy on the engine and disrupt the brake position. Thus, with the weight of the bottom bar, the fire curtain will begin to move downwards and provide fire zones in the area, in the desired time and minute.

Yangın Perdeleri

According to architectural projects and areas, fire curtains can be equipped with more than one motor. Single motor fire curtains can be used in locations with a maximum size of 4 meters. Fire curtains can be integrated with a detection system, as well as with the fire alarm system in operation and can receive trigger signals from these detection systems.

If desired, radial fire curtains can also be provided by Evenos A.Ş. lt; / RTI & gt;

We have all the test and quality documents of our distributors. All fire curtains have been tested in BS, EN and UL norms and can provide strength up to 240 minutes. All quality processes are carried out according to BS EN ISO 9001: 1994.

Maintenance, testing and servicing of all the fire curtains imported, installed and commissioned by Sartona Fire Security Systems are also carried out by Sartona A.Ş. are made by experienced field engineers and engineers.