Fire extinguishing systems are the only alternatives to fire extinguishing systems for places where there are very important materials inside or where fire can not be permitted.

Oxygen abatement systems used in fire prevention systems keep the oxygen level of the relevant area at a certain limit value according to the flammability conditions of the materials and prevent the fire in the environment. In other words, in the neighborhood, a fireless atmosphere is created. This will provide fire protection for the area and create a safe environment for fire.

It is known that removing any ring of flammable material, heat and oxygen from the fire triangle has prevented the fire from occurring. Oxygen abatement systems prevent the fire in the neighborhood by removing the oxygen ring. It is possible to create a fire-free environment by lowering the oxygen level of 21% in the atmosphere to a sufficient level according to the type of the combustible material in the relevant area, by means of the oxygen reduction system.

The design and projecting of Oxygen reduction systems imported from Europe by Evenos Fire Safety Systems Corporation is carried out by the engineering department authorities in our company. Due to the small storage area, the risk of fire escaping, maintenance and application facilities, many are preferred today. All of the systems have international reputation and are first class systems. The systems are designed in accordance with VDS 3527 standards and system components are determined based on these standards.

Oksijen Azaltma Sistemi

Especially in historical depots and works of art, in flammable flammable liquid deposits, in important archives and warehouses. The system’s operability is always under control and, as you can be sure of it, it provides 100% efficiency and security. Although it is related to the material in the neighborhood to be protected, it is known that human health is not affected by oxygen up to 15%. Therefore, there will be no negative impact on human health in areas that are set to 15% with oxygen reduction systems.

All necessary maintenance, testing and service operations of the oxygen reduction system designed and designed by the authorized engineers of Evenos Fire Security Systems Inc. are done by Evenos A.Ş. authorized and trained specialists. The care is taken under record and followed up.