Inert Gazlı Argon Söndürme Sistemi


Especially Inert gas extinguishing systems are the most preferred clean gas extinguishing systems in the protection of large spaces with large volume, and inert – argon clean gas fire extinguishing systems are frequently preferred because they are environmentally friendly and do not affect human health.

Inert gas – argon extinguishing systems designed with the use of more forwarding valve systems can protect a large number of rooms if hydraulics calculations are handed and can be offered to customers as the most effective solution. The number of cylinders containing enough gas quantities is activated by the fire alarm detected from the relevant room and only the relevant volume is emptied. Therefore, the availability of this situation and the directional valves provides great advantages to the user in terms of cost.

Inert Gazlı Argon Söndürme Sistemi

Each of the inert gas extinguishing systems with options of IG 541, IG 55, IG 01, IG 100 extinguishing systems has different quenching concentrations and physical properties. Sartona Inc. competent engineers determine the most effective extinguishing system for the area and design accordingly.

All design and hydraulic calculations are made by the manufacturer’s approved hydraulic calculator programs.

Our company offers alternatives of 200 bar and 300 bar, cylinder volume 80 liters and 140 liter inert gas extinguishing system.