Duman Tahliye Sistemleri
Fire and Gas Detecting Systems

Fire fighting systems or detection and denunciation systems are of great importance for minimizing risk in times of danger. For example, an early detection of a fire that has not yet grown in an environment will give the earliest opportunity to put the fire to the relevant personnel or automatic extinguishing system, and the loss of life and property will be eliminated.

Foam Extinguishing Systems

Water quenching systems are suitable for quenching most of the fire, but they are either ineffective or unsuitable for extinguishing in areas where flammable flammable liquids are stored, stored or produced. The most effective fire extinguishing system for extinguishing the spaces containing flammable liquids is foam extinguishing systems and fire extinguishing system.

FM200 söndürme sistemleri
Clean Agent Extinguishing Systems

It is imperative to design alternative fire safety systems andextinguishing systems in environments where water quenching may have negative consequences for health or water quenching may damage internal equipment. Among these alternative fire extinguishing systems, one of the most preferred types of extinguishing systems today is clean gas extinguishing systems.

CO2 söndürme sistemleri
CO2 Extinguishing Systems

Automated carbon dioxide CO2 extinguishing systems, which are cheaper than clean gas extinguishing systems, can not be used in places where people are located. All carbon dioxide CO2 extinguishing systems and fire protection systems that are projected, assembled, designed, applied, commissioned and serviced by Evenos Fire Safety Systems are taken by the distributors in abroad and all systems have international certifications.

Sulu Söndürme Sistemleri
Water Extinguishing Systems

Wet Sprinkler extinguishing systems are the most used and preferred fire suppression systemfor fire extinguishing during a possible fire. As long as site characteristics and applicability principles are available, such wet quenching systems are among the most effective fire fightingsystems in preventing and extinguishing the spread of fire.

Duman ve Yangın Perdeleri
Fire and Smoke Curtains

Architectural fire zones and smoke zones are one of the most important fire protection systems preventing a fire from building around the building from splashing onto other parts of the building. The most appropriate methods for creating fire and smoke zones in terms of aesthetics and architecture are; Fire Percentage, Smoke Percentage uses. Fire and Smoke Curtainsare among the most effective fire safety systems products.

Yangın Kapısı
Fire Doors

Fire gates are used among the spaces that have different fire risk classes that are interchanged between each other and in fire fighting system. Fire doors are the most important criteria for architectural fire zoning. The doors of rooms such as fire escape stairways, fire safety hall doors, floor electric rooms, main electrical rooms, MV rooms, AG chambers, boiler rooms, pump rooms, technical spaces in places with high buildings and special hazards, fire doors as architectural fire it is selected. Fire doors are among the most effective fire safety systems products.

Duman Tahliye Sistemi
Smoke Ventilation System

In industrial premises and buildings with large atrium areas, possible fires can lead to material damage, as well as to loss of life, resulting in smoke. Therefore, it was controlled by smoke curtains, and with this fire fighting system the smoke that prevented the expansion area was thrown out of the structure. These smoke-throwing problems on the buildings are solved by smoke exhaust hoods, also called roof ventilation hoods.

Davlumbaz Söndürme Sistemi
Kitchen Hood Extinguishing System

In large kitchens with large industrial and industrial structures, the fire hazard is greater than in other places. The fires that can occur especially in the stoves and ovens have great risks. This makes fire protection of kitchen hoods essential with fire fighting system.

Evenos Inc. kitchen hood fire extinguishing systems supplied from abroad are UL approved, and all system members have international approvals.

co 005
Fire Stoppers

Regions and chambers defined for a fire zone are often not characterized by fire zone use due to misapplication and use of fire-retardant products. Therefore, the use of fire-retardant products will increase the importance of creating fire zones. The fire stoppers are effective fire suppression systemes and fire protections systems products.

Oksijen Azaltma Sistemleri
Oksygen Reduction System

Fire extinguishing systems are the only alternatives to fire fighting systemsfor places where there are very important materials inside or where fire can not be permitted. Oxygen abatement systems used in fire prevention and fire protections systems keep the oxygen level of the relevant area at a certain limit value according to the flammability conditions of the materials and prevent the fire in the environment. In other words, in the neighborhood, a fireless atmosphere is created.

Explosion Protection Systems

Especially in industrial installations, dust explosions are the most risky factors along with the fire. If the risks of explosion is not prevented, possible bursts can lead to major losses in the plants; particularly sectors that automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, along with the food, paperboard and paper. Since these are the sectors where the risks of explosion are at their top level. Therefore, fire suppression systems and fire safety systems must be used in these sectors.