Köpüklü Sprinkler Sistemi


Sparkling sprinkler systems, a variant of low expansion foamed extinguishing systems, are among the most used systems among foamed extinguishing systems.

Projecting, design, consulting, implementation, supervision and contracted maintenance operations Evenos Fire Security Systems Inc. all the components of foamed sprinkler systems made by experienced and competent personnel are imported from America and Europe and all system components have international reputation like FM, UL, VdS, LPCB and are first class members.

Evenos Fire Safety Systems is the final result of the calculations and projects carried out with the approved hydraulic calculation software, the optimum solution for the customer needs and the installation of the related extinguishing systems is also one of the best solutions of Evenos A.Ş. .

NFPA11, NFPA16, NFPA30 and TS EN 12845 standards are used in the design.

In the case of special request, local regulations and special specification assets, design can be made specifically for the relevant boards.

As with watery sprinkler systems, systems can be designed as wet tubular, dry tubular and dominant systems.

In wet tubular foamed sprinkler systems, the water and foam solution is pressurized in the installation and the sprinkler head is activated and the fire is discharged to the site.

Sprinkler Söndürme Sistemleri

Sprinkler systems with Deluge vents do not have a pressurized water foam solution in the installation, but the dominant type valve is opened by the signal from the detection systems, allowing the foam water solution to drain into the space.

In the case of the pre action systems, the foam water solution is emptied and the fire is intervened by the activation of the sprinkler head and the signal from the detection system.

All systems should be selected considering the physical characteristics, size, temperature and conditions of the area concerned. Sartona Fire Safety Systems engineers choose the most appropriate systems with regard to the standards, taking into consideration the cost and system suitability factors.

Maintenance procedures are carried out periodically by evenos Fire Safety Systems by competent personnel, taking into account the standards.

The main applications of foam fire extinguishing systems are;

  • Flammable flammable liquids
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Helicopter hangars
  • Solid waste facilities
  • Tank fields
  • Tanks with chemicals
  • Fuel stations
  • Pharmaceutical, paint and food factories