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Thanks to their high flow rates and pressures, foam monitors with long throw distances play an important role in fire extinguishing, especially in tank areas or where combustible flammable liquids are stored.

Foam monitors capable of manual manual intervention in fire-fighting areas, Evenos Fire Safety Systems Inc. imported from abroad by. All imported foam monitors have internationally recognized approvals such as FM, UL, VdS, GOST, LPCB and are first class materials.

The supplied foam monitors provide remote control capability, as well as manual control, which can interfere with the fire. With this feature, it is possible to interfere with a protected area monitor and maximize safety.

Depending on the project requirements, the monitors can have 360 ​​degree horizontal rotation and 90 degree vertical rotation, taking into consideration the area characteristics.

Depending on ambient conditions, foam monitors with EX-PROOF capabilities are also available. All equipments are provided with explosion-proof state.

While the systems are designed and designed, the hydraulic calculations are made taking into consideration the flow and pressure output values ​​specified in the manufacturer’s manuals. On this page, monitor throw distances, pump flow and pressures, and information about how many monitors can be opened in scenario edits are determined.

The platforms that make it possible to use most monitors with monitors are manufactured by Sartona Fire Safety Systems and are installed in the related places.

The outlet pressures and adequacy of foam monitors and their appropriate ejection distances – heights; Sartona Inc. are determined by the engineering department at the optimal level in accordance with the needs and turnkey solutions are realized.

The main applications of foam fire extinguishing systems are;

  • Flammable flammable liquids
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Helicopter hangars
  • Solid waste facilities
  • Tank fields
  • Tanks with chemicals
  • Fuel stations
  • Pharmaceutical, paint and food factories
Köpük Monitörleri

After system installations and procurement phases, the most important factor in ensuring systems are long-lasting is their complete maintenance. All monitor and system maintenance, Evenos Fire Security Systems Inc. is made by competent and experienced staff. The care is carried out periodically in accordance with the rules set out in the standards.