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Foam generators are foam generators used in high expansion foamed extinguishing systems.

Foam generators have the ability to expand up to 800 kata of high expansion type foam agents with special designs and internal structure. They are used in foamed extinguishing systems with Deluge valve.

The principle of extinguishing the system is based on the principle that the foam solution is expanded by 1 to 800 by the foam generators and the application area is foam-suffocating at a sufficiently high level, in this case the fire is extinguished.

Especially for aircraft hangars, helicopter hangars and solid waste collection facilities, the most efficient and effective extinguishing system is the high expansion foamed extinguishing system. In addition to these, flammable flammable liquids are common in places such as overflow ponds.

Evenos Fire Protection Systems, with its Italian manufacturer and American manufacturer distributors, designs and manufactures first class quality approved products in all of its high expansion foamed extinguishing systems and designs all of its designs in accordance with NFPA11, NFPA16, NFPA30 and TS EN 12845 standards.

The design of aircraft hangars and helicopter hangars is based on NFPA 409 standards and implementation is also in line with these standards.

High expansion foam concentrations are used in these systems, which are the most appropriate type of quenching in the spaces where more volume is required and where the required volume is filled with foam agent.

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Turn-key solutions for foam generator systems, which are the most suitable system to be used in places with high burning speeds, such as airplane and helicopter hangars, such as solid waste disposal facilities, Evenos Fire Security Systems Inc. experienced staff.

The choice of foam agent as well as the choice of suitable material in foam extinguishing systems is vital. Although conformity to the standards is provided in the design, it will be insufficient to extinguish any fires if proper foam and material selection is not made. On the other hand, the experienced and experienced Evenos engineers are choosing the most appropriate way by taking into consideration the systems suitable for their customer needs, cost and application accounts.

After the installation stages of all foam generators and high expansion foamed extinguishing systems, maintenance and service operations are also carried out by Evenos Fire Protection Systems Inc. periodically.