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Foam is used as an extinguishing agent in foam extinguishing systems.

Foam concentrations used as a reactive fire-fighting agent for more than 100 years combine with water and air to reach a sufficient expansion and cover the fire with air, covering the fire like a blanket. The fire, which is interrupted by air, is unsustainable due to lack of oxygen.

Evenos Fire Security Systems Inc. foam concentrates imported from Sweden have FM approval and are listed on the UL. Foam concentrations according to TS EN standards can also be supplied from the manufacturer, depending on demand.

Foam concentrations, which can be used in water solutions at 1%, 3% and 6%, are divided into 3 in terms of expansion amounts.

  • Low expansion foam
  • Medium expansion foam
  • High expansion foam

The low expansion foams have a capacity of up to 20 kata, the middle expansion foams have a capacity of up to 200 kata, the high expansion foams have a capacity of up to 800 kata and they are designed and designed according to the place where the extinguishing system will be applied.

They are also classified according to their type and diversity as well as the amount of expansion, and each type of foam concentration has to be used in the places where the quenching capacity is maximum.

  • Protein-based foam concentrates
  • Fluoroprotein-based foam concentrates
  • Film builder AFFF foam concentrations
  • Synthetic foam concentrations
  • AR type foam concentrates
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Selection of system and equipment, choice of foam type, and choice of design standard are important in the extinguishment of fires. Therefore, the wrong choices that can be made are often insufficient in the extinguishment of fires and cause great material – spiritual damages. Experienced design engineers in our field make selection of appropriate foam concentration, material and system; the relevant standard design rules are adopted and all designs are made in this direction.

According to the requirements and requirements, Lloyd approved and TS EN 1568 approved foam agents are also available from Sartona A.Ş. lt; / RTI & gt;

Another important factor as important as system installations is the periodic maintenance of the system in accordance with the standards. Experienced field staff in charge of our efficient engineers carry out all related maintenance in one hand and keep system operability and effectiveness at maximum level every single day.