Yangın Algılama Sistemleri


Being informed early on in the event of a fire will enable early intervention possibilities as well as prevent loss of life and property. Therefore, these systems have maximum protection in terms of fire safety.

All fire detection and notification systems supplied by Evenos Fire Safety Systems from abroad and capable of producing any necessary solutions are products with EN 54, VdS, FM, UL, ULC or LPCB approvals.

Systems generally consist of main fire detection panel, detectors, manual buttons, sirens, flashers and modules. The fire in any area is transferred to the main fire panel at the earliest possible time and every spot can be seen point by point. Besides the monitoring, the control modules can be controlled to control the various elements according to the scenario and the fire is detected at the beginning, furthermore it is extinguished. Early detection of fire will minimize damage to buildings and buildings, and will prevent loss of life and property.

Relevant to fire detection systems

  • Addressable fire detection and notification systems
  • Conventional fire detection and notification systems

as well as systems that belong to or are part of these systems.

  • Fire Panel Graphics Software
  • Air sampling fire detection systems
  • Line type linear fire detection systems
  • Spark detectors – spark detectors
  • Channel type detectors

• Flame detectors

Yangın Algılama Sistemleri

systems and materials can also be supplied by Evenos Fire Safety Systems.

Ex PROOF-specific detectors and panels are also available in the Evenos AS product range. In addition, wireless fire detection and notification systems that work with Wi – Fi technology in places where cable withdrawal may be harmful or where cable withdrawal is not permitted is also available at Evenos A.Ş. lt; / RTI & gt; WI – FI technology is used instead of the cables that reach the detectors from the main panel in these systems.

Today, fire detection and warning systems are technologically advanced. Offering the most optimum solutions for customer needs, Evenos A.Ş. The team also provides maintenance and servicing services for all systems we build.

The main sites where the detection systems are used are industrial plants, office and residential buildings, hotels, health and education buildings, historic buildings and shopping centers, warehouses and warehouses.