Yangın ve Gaz Algılama Sistemi


Detection and denunciation systems are of great importance for minimizing risk in times of danger. For example, an early detection of a fire that has not yet grown in an environment will give the earliest opportunity to put the fire to the relevant personnel or automatic extinguishing system, and the loss of life and property will be eliminated. Likewise, early detection of any explosive gas accumulated in an environment will allow early intervention (such as ventilation) to act and release the gas from the environment. This will eliminate the possibility of explosive atmosphere and possible fire.

Fire detection and notification systems are set up to detect fires that occur as a general principle at the earliest possible time and to send them to the relevant places by means of signals.

Gas detection systems open the way to early intervention by transmitting the presence of a gas, which is even higher than the level normally allowed in the environment, to the relevant panels.

Evenos Fire Safety Systems Incorporated has a team of qualified and experienced engineers and field personnel who have all the procurement, design, installation, implementation, commissioning, testing and repair operations and maintenance of fire detection systems and gas detection systems with distributorship and dealership and can provide a one-stop solution to all needs. We can also produce solutions for fire and gas detection systems that are already in operation in the desired situations.

Yangın ve Gaz Algılama Sistemi

The supplied products can be Ex Proof in line with customer needs and environment conditions; so that the risk of explosion is eliminated. In addition, Wi – Fi fire detection systems used in special cases can also be supplied by Sartona Fire Safety Systems Incorporated.
Systems and system components are all LPCB, UL, FM, ULC, EN 54, VdS or GOST approved materials. Sartona Fire Safety Systems Inc. also carries out maintenance and service operations for the systems that are installed. All the care is recorded with the minutes and maintenance is carried out with the customer at the next maintenance date.

If desired, domestic producers can also supply products for fire and gas detection systems and meet customer needs.