Especially in industrial installations, dust explosions are the most risky factors along with the fire. If the risks of explosion is not prevented, possible bursts can lead to major losses in the plants; particularly sectors that automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, along with the food, paperboard and paper. Since these are the sectors where the risks of explosion are at their top level.

It is inevitable to reduce the risk of explosion of the industry to a minimum and to take precautions in this context. In this context, Evenos Fire Protection Systems Inc. attaches high importance to the integration of the explosion protection systems into the industry and we provide our customers with international quality standards and first class high quality products.

With our international distributors, with over 25 years of experience; we serve systems and equipments in the field of explosion protection as;

  •  Explosion Suppression Systems
  •  Explosion Vents
  •  Flameless explosion venting
  •  Explosion Isolation Systems

Explosion suppression systems are systems that dampen chemical explosion with the help of
sensors and extinguisher elements in the system when an explosion occurs.

Explosion vents are equipments used to provide for the evacuation of expanded gases
within a volume from planned routes. If these vents are found in a dangerous place and in a human place, it is important to use explosion vents. With the advantage of a wide variety of sizes and types of products, various solutions can be offered for many volumes and silos.

On the other hand, explosion isolation systems are pneumatic and mechanically operable
equipments and systems that prevent an explosion from moving to another part of the process.

Systems that can be examined under three headings, explosion suppression systems, explosion-venting systems and explosion isolation systems, each have a large pre-requisite for explosion safety, and industrial plants are at the forefront of safety systems.
In Evenos Fire Protection Systems Inc., all operations related to the explosion security systems that we have carried out for engineering, installation and commissioning are carried out in cooperation with personnel of EVENOS and manufacturer companies. After the installation, at the business process, the necessary training for the end user for the operation phase is given again through manufacturer company and EVENOS staff. All the maintenance of the systems is done periodically by EVENOS Fire Protection Systems Inc.