Panel İçi Söndürme Sistemleri


Micro quenching systems – the most effective system for protecting electrical panels, machine cabinets, machine control units and other small cabinets – all of the cabinet quenching systems are manufactured by Evenos A.Ş. imported from abroad by.

Systems; Cylinders manufactured according to TPED directives, tubing – sensing element, line termination device, manometer and extinguishing agent.

The extinguishing gas, which is under the pressure of 11 bar across the cylinder and tubing, is discharged from the place where the tubing or sensing element senses the heat and extinguishes the fire at the point where it is full. It can be used to protect more than one panel or it can be designed for a single panel protection. Due to the use of extinguishing agents in small quantities and the direct effect of the source of fire, quenching systems for microchannels are now highly preferred extinguishing systems.

The cylinder sizes used in the panel – micro extinguishing systems can be 1, 2, 4, 6 liters. Tubing size can be used in the intervals allowed by standard and manufacturer manuels.

All gas and materials used in the system are of first class quality, with FM, UL, GOST or VdS approvals.

The working principle is based on the principle that the tubing detector, which is pressurized under 11 bar at the cylinder end, discharges the heat explosive and extinguishing agent into the panel. By means of the manometer at the end of the line, the system can still be active, emptied, discharged or controlled. In case of gas discharge, the systems are filled within 2 working days and delivered to the customers. As the extinguishing agent, FM200 gas can be used in general, CO2 gas or dry chemical powder can also be used as an extinguishing agent.

Panel İçi Söndürme Sistemleri

It is especially important for the protection of materials such as electric panels, which must be located in a separate fire zone. They are also used in areas such as UPS units, CNC panels, electric panels, archive shelves, vehicle wagons, machine rooms.

Maintenance, refilling, repair and testing of micro quench systems installed by Sartona Fire Safety Systems – in-panel quench systems are also carried out by Evenos A.Ş. is made by authorized personnel.

Following the purchase of the circuit, related instructions and usage instructions are given to our customers.