NOVEC 1230 extinguisher agent produced by 3M company is frequently used and preferred as fire extinguishing system because it is an alternative to Halon 1301 gas and there is no damage to ozone besides the negative effect on human health.

Another advantage of the Novec 1230 systems is that the quenching agent is not damaged by the ozone, and the duration of the ozone is very short. This is why Novec 1230 gas is the reason for preference.

The system consists simply of system cylinders, extinguishing gas, piping system, nozzles and detection system. Detection systems that detect the fire in the environment activate the electronic solenoid on the cylinder and allow the gas under pressure in the cylinder to be discharged to the site with the help of the installation. Thus, quenching is performed. Since systems are systems under high pressure, special attention should be paid to all installation and application rules and precautions should be taken in this regard.

The NOVEC 1230 extinguishing systems designed by the Evenos engineering department, based primarily on the requirements of EN 15004, can also be designed and resolved in accordance with the NFPA 2001 standards in the required conditions and circumstances.

In addition to design, projecting, supervision, installation and commissioning, maintenance and servicing operations are carried out by Sartona A.Ş. NOVEC 1230 extinguishing systems, made by experienced personnel, are at the top of the most flexible extinguishing systems available today.

All design and hydraulic calculations are made by the manufacturer’s approved hydraulic calculator programs. Hydraulic calculation programs are VdS approved.

All NOVEC 1230 systems, which are established by our company with turnkey solutions, are imported from abroad and made ready at the manufacturer’s facilities. Gaseous discharges can be done if desired within two business days.

Novec 1230 gazlı söndürme

All systems and system equipments have international approvals such as FM, UL, VdS, LPCB, GOST.

FM200 systems, it is very common to use them in electric rooms, floor electric rooms, AG rooms, MV rooms, generator rooms, transformer rooms, museums, archives, flammable liquid storage facilities.

The mechanical and electronic maintenance of all systems is also carried out periodically by the Sartona Fire Safety Systems personnel in accordance with the standards.

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