fm 200 gazlı söndürme sistemi


FM200 fire extinguishing systems, one of the most widely used clean gas extinguishing systems in the world today, are preferred in many places due to their non-harmfulness to human health and effective extinguishing performance.

The HFC 227-ea extinguishing agent contained in the FM200 extinguishing system, which is extinguished with the environment, is being used and preferred in many centers today because of its environmental friendliness.

FM200 systems have become the most commonly used clean gas extinguishing system after the halon gas was banned in fire fighting systems.

Sartona Inc. FM200 gas extinguishing systems which are designed and designed according to EN 15004 standards can be designed in accordance with NFPA2001 and special specification directions if required in accordance with specifications and local regulations. Features such as gas quantities, nozzle and cylinder layout rules, installation durability, etc., which are of technical importance, are also made in line with these standards.

All elements of FM200 gas extinguishing systems which require intensive engineering knowledge have approvals such as FM, UL, GOST, VdS, LPCB. Systems are also first class systems with international approvals on a system basis. System cylinders conform to TPED directives and are π-stamped.

All design and hydraulic calculations are made by the manufacturer’s approved hydraulic calculator programs.

In order to maximize the system optimizations, 25, 42 and 60 bar systems can be supplied and the systems with guidance valves can be supplied on a project basis.

Once the systems have been emptied and the fire has been extinguished, the residual gas can easily be cleansed from the area and leaves no waste.

Evenos Fire Safety Systems performs design, projecting, installation, application, commissioning, maintenance and service operations in one hand and offers the most suitable solutions for its customers.

Inert Gazlı Argon Söndürme Sistemleri

If requested and requested, the filling of the discharged FM200 systems is also carried out in our UL approved filling facilities.

FM200 clean gas extinguishing systems which find its use area in electrical places such as floor electric rooms, main electric rooms (MV rooms, AG rooms etc.), transformer rooms, generator rooms and UPS rooms, as well as water, such as mirrors, archives, in the places where the quench can not be done or damaged, it has found its usage area.

All system maintenance is done by Evenos A.Ş. by periodic intervals.