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Evenos Gain Dominance On Kale Aviation Manifacturing Facilities Foamy And Novec 1230 Extinguishing Systems

Turkey’s leading manufacturer of aircraft; Kale Aviation Inc.’s new facility was entrusted by Evenos. Boeing, Airbus and various aircrafts parts production facilities in all electrical and archive rooms are protected with NOVEC 1230 extinguishing systems. Additionally, the whole factory is protected by foam extinguishing systems.

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Hifa Oil – Bosnia Zenica Oil Platform Extinguishing Systems – Entrust To Evenos

Hifa Oil, the largest oil company in the Balkans, chose Evenos Inc. for the fire protection of the oil platforms in Zenica. 7.500 liters bladder tank and 3% FP extinguishing agent are used in the project and the cooling system is made from both ceiling and lateral spray nozzles. Additionally, in some parts of this project; high-expansion foam extinguishing systems…

Soga Power

Sogepower Lda – Angola / Luanda Food Manufacturing Facilities Fire Extinguishing Systems In Rexponsibility Of Evenos Fire Inc.

The fire protection system design, calculations, assemby and commissioning works of SOGAPOWER – Angola / Luanda manufacturing plants are done by EVENOS Fire Inc. With Fire pump group in accordance with NFPA20, also fire cabinets, outside cabinets, suitable sprinnkler heads and monitoring switches / valves are used in the project. Also all the detecting systems…


Tai – Turkish Aerospace Industry – B50 Hangars Foam Extinguishing And Detecting Systems Entrust To Evenos

Turkish Aerospace Industry has chosen Evenos Inc for their B50 Hangars Foam Extinguishing and Fire Detection Systems. 2.000 liters capacitied Bladder tank which is FM Approved / UL Listed is used in the project. 2.000 liters of %3 AFFF-AR foam concentrate is used for fire extinguishing agent. The system commissioning and trainings are completed. The…

Iraq – Badra Oil Platform Phase 2 – Addressed General Detection System Project in Evenos

The general addressable detecting systems of Badra Oil Platform, which will be operated by the Iraqi Oil Ministry and GAZPROM, were entrusted to Evenos Fire Protection Systems. The addressable detection system is designed using the latest technological products, has control mechanisms as well as monitoring functions. All material supply and transportation works to the oil…

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Evenos – Mobiak Cooperation

Mobiak, the leading manufacturers of fire extinguishing systems in Europe, and Evenos Inc. sign as “Exclusive Distributorship” agreement for Turkey Market. The product range includes FM200 extinguishing systems, Novec1230 extinguishing systems, Inert Gas Extinguishing Systems, CO2 Extinguishing Systems, In-Cabin Gas Extinguishing Systems, Water extinguishing systems and similar systems. Moreover, Mobiak’s gas extinguishing systems are VdS approved on both material and system basis.…