Evenos Fire Security Systems Inc. has continued to be the most reliable solution partner on fire safety of its partners with the best solutions in world standards since the first day.

With its partnerships and distributorships in Turkey and abroad, Evenos A.Ş. can offer a one-stop solution to the safety and relevant needs of its customers.

Customers; Fire safety solutions offer consulting, projecting, contracting, inspection, after-sales service and maintenance services. Evenos Fire Safety Systems, with its top-level authorized services, test equipment and first class system equipment; Increasing the pay-per-use and increasing competitive power.

Evenos Inc. With the confidence of the experienced engineer staff and field team, especially with industrial facilities, residential and office buildings, health, tourism and education buildings,

  • Water Extinguishing Systems

  • Foam Extinguishing Systems

  • Gas Extinguishing Systems (FM200, Novec1230, Inert, CO2 vs)

  • Smoke Curtains and Fire Curtains

  • Fire - Gas Detection Alarm and Warning Systems

  • Smoke Evacuation Systems, Roof Ventilation Systems

  • Fire Doors

  • Passive Fire Stop Systems

Hakkımızda Evenos

Related solutions; NFPA, BSI, EN, Turkish Fire Regulations and other relevant international standards. All system installations are made with first class products approved by FM, UL, ULC, VdS, LPCB, GOST, CE in the light of the owned distributorship owned.

Evenos Fire Safety Systems, whose main objective is to design optimal systems for customers in terms of technical suitability – cost and to provide turnkey systems in this context, adhering to international standards; Continues to be an indispensable solution partner for its customers by acting without any deviation.

Evenos A.Ş., continuing to sign off projects with domestic and abroad, will continue to be one of the leading companies in fire safety without losing anything from its first day excitement.